Any Vex engineers reading?

If so, can I please get a place to email/pm you? Just got a few techinical questions about the controller… not something that would be written anywhere thats published.




Sorry, are you an engineer?


That is a very odd request. The general forum is generally not visited by official VEX support people. There is an “Ask The Experts” section under the VEX forum that is reviewed by offical VEX support folk. That is about the only way you will initiate contact with a real VEX professional.

If you have a deep technical question about the controller, go ahead and ask it. There are quite a few “brilliant” users that frequent this site. If you feel you have the worlds dumbest question, ask it anyway. There are loads of polite and patient people visiting this forum as well.


You might or might not get an answer…

Some of the Vex technical item are "propriatery information"and won’t be “shared”, (e.g. Receiver Data Format and Tether Port Specifications).

A Good Read is the ** Official Vex Technical Support FAQs**

Some of your answers might be found in the Vex Micro Controller FAQs
and the Vex Transmitter & Reciever FAQs.

My “emerging” Vex Site

Any direct questions for Vex Engineers should be sent to [EMAIL=“”]

However, if the question is technical in nature you will be politely redirected back to this forum. All tech support questions should be posted here: