Any way to get LRT Livestream Links?

Hello, I was recently looking at the Live Remote Tournament Standings section on, when I noticed several Chinese teams from China in high places.

Having already watched some of their videos on YouTube, I was curious to scout their teams and see how they achieved such high scores (not trying to question their high scores, just genuinely curious as to how they were achieved). But when I went to the event page on robotevents, no webcast link was posted. And when I went to several other event pages, a decent amount of them did not have any webcast links either.

So my question is, is there a way for the RECF to publicly share the event webcasts for those who are not competing in these events (as they are unlisted on their YouTube page)? Perhaps in a publicly available YouTube playlist or a dedicated page on their website? As a VRC competitor, I am interested in watching these events, but disheartened to see the lack in accessibility in doing so.


Not sure that is possible. Chinese internet has government controlled filtering and there are issues with using certain platforms. Part of the reason that the LRT Worlds last year took so long for the finals was issues connecting the Chinese teams to HQ in Greenville.


This video is their driver skill. I know that 7253B is actually a very good team. You can find other videos on bilibili.


Last season there was a Chinese LRT event and that livestream link was posted to robotevents. All Iā€™m asking for is a simple way to find livestreams for LRT events without having to look at event pages, because a good number of them do not have them.


Pinging @DanMantz so hopefully he can see this. I too would like for this to get addressed.

IIRC the LRT software automatically generates livestream feeds for each event and publishes them to YouTube, but the streams are unlisted and only provided to the event staff and teams.

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Yes, although some of the streams are posted to robotevents, and some are not. I just wish there was a consistent way to find these links without having to scrounge around robotevents and discord

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