Any way to have quotes fully show?

Is there something in the quote tag or site to make more lines visible by default?

For instance in the answer posted by @karthik he asks to see the bold section, but until you hit the ellipses in the quote are it only shows the game manual as bold within the viewable space. Is there a setting on esoTalk to have more lines viable or a modifer to the quote tag to show X lines?

Not that I know of, it may only be administrator modifiable. Honestly, i think the current number of lines is nice. If I quote a huge passage, it doesn’t take up a large section of the page.

On the other hand, I can see the top of the reply box without scrolling because I have a high resolution screen. It seems silly that I have to expand the quote in your message just above mine when I barely have to even scroll the screen. I’d rather scroll and have things auto-expand. I guess I just want choices :slight_smile:

The thing you want to be able to change is the blockquote.collapsed { maxheight } property in the site’s CSS. If you are using a CSS modifying browser plugin for the forum, which I think is almost necessary, then this is an easy fix.

See this thread if you would like to fix this in your own browser.

(You aren’t changing anything about the information the site sends you, you’re just changing the way your browser displays it).