Any way to purchase V5 battery clips?

My team broke one of our battery clips, and it seems like there’s no way to buy them outside of an entire new V5 bundle. I also can’t find any CAD for them online to print one. What do we do?

I’m sure that someone else will be able to find you a link or file, but I would just use zip ties in the mean time.

Sorry about that. V5 Battery Clips are now available to purchase on the US VEX Robotics website:

I was wondering can you buy the V5 battery cable? The thing that plugs into the brain and the battery. Or do they come with the battery?

No, the V5 battery cable only ships with the Robot Brain.

@DRow Will there be a battery extender offered, similar to the older systems? The battery cable is quite short and limiting.

I haven’t got my v5 kit yet but I think having a long cable and a short cable available would be useful for teams. Also I hope vex sells the battery cables in the future as it will be a nightmare having to buy a whole new kit just for a single cable.

What about cases where a team may have a damaged battery cable and needs to have it replaced?

We had a careless member on our team cut the cord slightly on a sharp piece of metal while installing it on the robot. We covered the exposed wire with electrical tape, though this is more of a temporary fix than a permanent one.

Contact VEX support - pretty sure they will send out a replacement.