Any word on vex db?

So vex db still hasn’t been updated since the end of Tower Takeover. My question is, do we know if it’s coming back or if there is something similar. I would like to do an advanced scouting sheet but can’t really find any place to do that, if someone knows please tell me.

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Shameless promotion for my site: which attempts to do similar things as had done, with a slightly different tilt.

I’m open to feedback if you have suggestions for features or improvements


Does your website have the ability to pull the data into a script via JSON file or any other way?

I heard via discord that @nallen01 was trying to get it up and running again (he got the robot events key and was fixing some other stuff). Lemme try and find the message…

Edit: Here is the message link (I tried getting a screenshot but the image sent would not load).


No, for that you are better off going to RobotEvents and using their API directly.

The Match Predictor feature I have does expose a REST endpoint; I’m open to exposing others, though my intent is not to be a data broker. I would rather provide a level playing field of post-processed data that everyone can use. If you have ideas of metrics, or stats to add, I’m open to considering them.


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