Anybody doing a robot in 3 days reveal or early reveal?

Since some teams already have the game pieces I was wondering who planned on doing a robot in 3 days reveal or at least do and early game reveal. Last year it was sort of experimented with and helped popularized certain designs so It would be cool to see the same thing happen this year.

Last year we did an early-ish reveal, which i hoped to make sooner, but circumstances have changed. i will be making a lot of prototypes/protobots for my club and posting them on 1727B’s channel, but not in 3 days. I will likely do this in around a month, as i am now on leadership instead of a team and need to help lead planning and design discussions. Since the same is true for Collin, the channel may be a lot less used. if you are interested in seeing designs to change and improve on in our own design i suggest looking into past games, especially frc, since pole climbing has been featured in many frc games. In addition the 2015 frc can races may give some inspiration for the star races that will inevitably happen over the stars on the fence.

We are planning on doing another ri3d soon depending on school and such.

We may transition our Youtube channel over to covering videos for our entire club, either way I still plan on having the channel active this year, expect new stuff soon

The earliest that 8059 will be doing a reveal (if the teams are thinking of doing one) will be late june.

Singapore championship is at late June, dont think we will be revealing anything before that.

But we do aleady have some designs in mind . And yes, most probably one of the designs will be something like starstruck-hack type of design that I suspect quite a few teams will adopt it… especially during the early or mid season (just like nbn 8059a single flywheel).