anybody got a non-plastic using passive design?

Ok, so I have to build a passive intake for our bot and I have to use no plexiglas, because we don’t have any on us. Does anyone have any designs for me? We are getting desperate.

Pleaseeee done to a passive. The best route for a mobile goal lift is 1 high torque motor lifting a forklift with a 1/10 gear ratio (82:12 attached to 36:12 gear ratio)

Other picture didnt send^^^

Good luck!!!

Just use c channel with a bunch of zip ties. I’ve seen this idea work best when the intake is shaped like a c from the overhead view.

I believe he failed to specify that he is referring to a cone intake, not mogo intake

I would strongly recommend using a four bar instead of this for a mogo intake

Yeah, we know. And by the way this is @briancole hijacking 20rzaugg’s account. Because I care.

I prototyped one. I just took a regular claw, put zip-ties on it, put one set of standoffs on green joints, and poof. Wasn’t too hard

Why so much gearing? I have teams using 1:7 and planning on switching to 1:5 with 1 motor using a high speed motor on a 4 bar. Middle school team with driving skills of 104 while using only 7 motors total. They are now using 10 motors and should be able to increase that number.

In a competition last week, they put a mogo with 4 cones on it in the 20 point zone to get the high stack bonus. Not sure why you need a 1:10 gear ratio.

Here’s a vid of something like this that I made awhile back. Like @NightsRosario it’s really just a normal claw that I took the motor off of and slapped a rubber band on(I literally used it with a motor for a competition a few days before that).

It is 4$ to buy a sheet of polycarb

With robosource it has gotten really cheap and easy to get your hands on.

I recently ordered some polycarb from robosource, but it hasn’t come in yet. But I noticed it’s only 1/16" thick, do you know if it breaks and bends super easy? That’s the only thing I’m worried about.

@Easton the offical game manual specifies that polycarbonate by .070" which is a 16 of an inch.

f. Non shattering plastic from the following list; polycarbonate, acetel monopolymer (Delrin),
acetal copolymer (Acetron GP), POM (acetal), ABS, PEEK, PET, HDPE, LDPE, Nylon (all
grades), Polypropylene, FEP;** as cut from a single 12" x 24" sheet up to 0.070" thick.**

Nope, it shouldn’t bend/break easily. It will be easy to bend if you heat it though

Ok that’s good. I was going to make a passive intake once it came in. But @MasterCole I’m pretty sure team 109A shared a really good passive intake without plastic on their IG.

anyone know how anti-chamber made his passive intake?

do you have a link?

The vast majority of orders we ship arrive within 2 days, as we mostly use USPS Priority Mail, but if you haven’t gotten yours yet please email

As others have said, 1/16" is the thickest that is competition legal, and is surprisingly strong.

I mean come on, it’s polycarbonate. It is super strong.

You could use the type of zip tie intake my robot has in this video (which I post because it is super visible).