Anybody interested in 3D printed tools? [reply]

These days, tools can be really expensive, especially for teams with not many sponsors and small budgets. I’ve been messing around with some CAD programs lately and thought it would be cool to make some VEX tool.

Would anyone be interested in me sharing some of the tools I made, currently, I have made a “improved” T-Handle head, and I also made a larger wrench for people with bigger hands alike me.

Any suggestions on things to make.



The main concern I would have with 3D printed tools is their strength. The regular tools already strip quite often, so 3D printed tools would likely face worse stripping, depending on what material you’re planning to use. And, if you use the materials that are less likely to strip, it bring the cost up to the point where it might be more feasible to just buy the regular tools. I’d be interested in seeing the tools, and what your plan is to address these things.

Maybe only the tip of the screwdriver would have to be bought, and the rest could be printed.

That sounds like it would be pretty cool :slight_smile: