anybody use ultrasonic sensors?

we are having some trouble with our ultrasonic sensors. we plugged them in and easy c keeps telling us to check the connections. I’ve checked the connections several times and they are plugged in correctly. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help!

we have tested them out on our bot. make sure that you have the cortex set for outputs on one of them and inputs for the other one (make sure that they match the labels on the sensors for the cords that come out of it)

Are you using the PIC microprocessor or the Cortex microprocessor?

For the PIC, make sure the cable labeled, “Output” is placed in an interrupt port. The “Input” is placed is an input port (forgot what it was labeled). In EasyC V2, you have the option of assigning these input ports as analog or digital value, or boolean digital value? Make sure the port you place it in is assigned a digital value. You should see the values when you download the online code.

The Cortex microprocessor is different. I haven’t played with EasyC V4, but I know that you have to assign the ports you are placing the “Output” and “Input” cables in.

Also make sure that the cable are placed correctly. If you aren’t using extension cables, you will be fine.

There is a sample program Ultrasonic Test that you could try.