Anybody using a six bar?

Wondering how many teams are using a 6 bar for ITZ this year?

not using it myself, nor have I seen anyone use it, but the more I think about it, a 6 bar would be a very valid way to go about this challenge, and it presents some major advantages. i mean if you look at some of the starstruck bots, you could probably modify it a little bit (smaller claw) and it would be quite effective this season.

That what our newbie team using rather than our high school team is using a DR4B lift. Main reason we showed them 6 bar is so they learn gearing linkages vex parts and get a firm understanding of vex

I think that is a good idea, just remember that since a 6 bar isn’t linear, it could easily pass the 36" limit when trying to stack a cone on a stationary goal, or a mobile goal with lots of cones.

As @Easton said earlier, the lift for a six bar isn’t linear (it doesn’t lift straight up; instead lifting forwards and upwards simultaneously). A better solution for this would be something like a dr4b considering it has a linear lift and isn’t that complicated to do/perfect and it would be somewhat close to what a six bar can reach.

i experimented with using one for the mogo manipulator, but eventually ended up using a 4 bar since the best design i could come up with for it didn’t put it back far enough, but it could score in the 20pt zone.

You can win anything with good defense and aggressive driving this year, a 6bar would be much lighter than a dr4b and more suitable for a field bot. It’s not a bad idea and it is fairly easy to build so I can’t see anything wrong with using it.

My most recent robot was a 6-bar that would drop cones on a mobile goal. The idea was that it would be able to efficiently move to the same position every time to score. It was ok and pretty fun to make, but after taking it to a competition I just don’t feel like 6-bars have much of an application in this year’s game. Sure that was only one robot, but there is a limited number of ways that 6-bars can stack internally and external stackers are already losing viability as the season progresses.

I would consider ALBA’s robot instead of a 6 bar.

@Mira Which one is that can you post a link?

Our first design consisted of a 6-bar with a chain bar at the end with a goliath intake attached to it. It worked but it was so hard to drive because of the circular motion of the 6-bar plus the chain bar.

I agree with @Mira , we made a similar design to the OSIZR for our first competition . We ended up being the 5th seed alliance captain. This is surprising, because we have 4 first year vex students on our team. The most experienced member has done vex 2 years. Not to mention we built the whole thing in 3 weeks. I think you will get much farther building a similar robot to OSIZR, than doing a 6 bar even though 6-bars are easier. And if my team can do it, so can yours :slight_smile:

interesting, our goliath lift moved like a chain bar with a 6 bar circular intake and was easy to drive

I think you misunderstood me, The robot was an internal stacker so the mobile goal was inside our robot. To pick up cones we reached past the mobile goal, lifted the 6 bar, but the hard part was because a 6 bar doesn’t go straight up and down (unlike a DR4B or DR6B, It moves back as it goes up) I had to counter that forward and back motion of the 6 bar with the chainbar, making it a nightmare to control. The only way to make that easy to control is with tons of programming

I had a six bar wouldn’t recommend it they struggle with the weight of mobile goals. Also definetly don’t think your being smart and “upgrade” to an 8 bar, it will only make it worse. I tried it the only bonus is getting to have your robot laughed at for having it swing all over the place

After trying to build a DR4B to no avail, I finally settled on using a six-bar. It should work, and since we will have a separate mogo mechanism, it should be fairly useful. Still have to program and wire the thing, but it should be working within the day (week?). haha.

@Eagles_C Hope it works can you keep us updated

That can work. I thought you had a 6 bar for everything because that wouldn’t. But since you have mogo lift separate you’ll be fine

We are incorporating the same robot we used last year (just altered the claw of course) for one of our teams and I like the 6 bar over the troublesome and complex nature of a DR4B. However a 6 bar lift can only get you so far in this game. So it really just depends on your area and how complex robots get in your area.

In Arkansas they started a middle school only division this year so it works as a great advantage for us since there are several new teams starting this year.