Anyone build a smaller VRC robotics field? If so what are experiences

I don’t have the space for a full 12’x12’ VRC field. I do have the space for a 8’x8’ field. I’m wondering if anyone has taken off the 4’ side panels and retro fit an 8x8 field. I know it’s not ideal but it beats not having a field at all. Is this worth doing or am I wasting my time?

Our team has a 2x2 tower setup, with one center tower. This is for tower takeover right? For us it was totally worth it, being able to interact with game objects the way it was meant without needing as much space. When we start writing auton we’ll make the full one, but this is great for now.

It would be for change up if my state starts to have competitions. Otherwise just whatever the yearly game is. I would like to be able to program some auton using the 8x8 field.

Very worth doing. Tons of teams do this at worlds to avoid waiting in line for practice fields.

I’m going to presume it isn’t tower takeover, as that was last years game.

you could definitely make a smaller field, 8x8 would work. I don’t think you can get away with making it any cheaper though as long as you buy everything from vex. But if you make a homemade perimeter from wood and use 3rd party tiles you can definitely get cheaper.

I’m a builder, so I’m not too sure whats needed for that. What exactly do you want for auton?

Crap, I switched them up
I meant the ball one

You can easily do this with a normal field perimeter by leaving off one of the 4’ sections on each side. (We set up a field this way in our trade show booths all the time)

And as previously stated, building a scaled field out of PVC and hardboard is also a perfectly viable option. (Instructions on that can be found here.)


So right now our org is running a 12x8 field so it looks like this.
It works pretty well and haven’t run into problems yet. It’s little more cramped than usual because we store bots on the field, but that’s an us problem. Change up is probably one of the few games where this would work.

You’d be running this:
And I’d say it would be pretty good. cause you should be able to do everything.


I do not recommend this.

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why not? if you can’t fit a 12x12 field, an 8x8 is certainly better than nothing.
you won’t be able to do a home row autonomous, but you will still be able to create some kind of auton, as well as be able to create pieces of code for certain actions (like driving forward accurately, turning accurately, scoring goals, intaking, all that good stuff) that you can use to create a full autonomous in a way that you can test and tweak it at events with little effort.


All you REALLY need is a corner unless you’re doing mega prog skills but most teams who have those have space for bigger fields tbh. If you’re a more relaxed team 8x8 is fine to practice with

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