Anyone else had a really bad robot that actually ended up doing well?

Our team got the news we were qualified for state 2 weeks before competition so we decided to re-build everything, It was going well until it wasn’t, so our builder took it apart at 10 pm the night before and completely rebuilt it, and turns out, when we got there that morning, It wasn’t finished, luckily we had time to work but the end result was something akin to the Moby bot (maybe that’s a bit of an insult) and a hook sorta thing on the other side. Honestly it worked pretty well, I don’t know how but we only lost one match and that’s cuz we had serious wheel problems where our robot would only turn. Also ended up winning one of our matches with the spinning wheel problem, got three mobile goals to our side by spinning the whole time and won by barely. we ended up 2nd in state. Got eliminated in playoffs though. But we won design award so ig It was a pretty good experience.

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Sorry about that I’ll keep in mind not to post things like this again.

I think all you’d need to do is edit the title. The post itself seems like it would be fine for the forum (as long as there isn’t another recent thread on the same topic, in which case it would be better to post it there).

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ok thank you :slight_smile: is that better?


What was the topic originally named?

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In TT we had our robot (that I would not call amazing).

Somehow at states we snuck in as the 16th seed and upset the 1st seed, and then proceeded to win a worlds spot. It was neat.


Turning point, we built essentially a default clawbot (Albeit with a little standoff for flags) and we went to qualifiers in state. Huh.

our tipping point bot was finished in November and haven’t changed it since. We were gonna take a new robot for tourneys after break but never got the chance cuz we could never decide between rushing new robot or fixing the old robot between comps so we ended up having to take our november bot to Google and ended up being #15. we did pretty well actually with a november bot haha. We joke that we have the worst bot on our org but we always get lucky in the match schedules. Now states is in two weeks and the new robot still isnt wired…