Anyone else have broken turntable teeth?

We’ve recently broken one of the teeth in the turntable, was wondeirng if anyone else has been having the problem? We haven’t been putting them under a large load, but things happen I guess.

First one I’ve heard of. Anyone else seeing something similar?
Care to show me the application you had it in when it failed?


4 269s powering a full-alum 6bar link. At the end is an intake mechanism with a ramp made out of mostly polycarb with small amounts of alum for support. Elastics assist the arm in raising.

We broke it a few weeks back after some driving practice. Before it broke, the arm was working perfectly. After it broke, we simply turned the gear so that they never contact the 1-gears (since our arm turns less than 180 degrees), and it has held up since under intense programming and driving practices.

It would take a lot of shock-load to do that. Any chance someone dropped the robot onto the arm while it was extended?

Let me know if you break any more teeth during normal usage.


From what I know, a drop did not occur although that is a possibility.

Alright, will do. =)