Anyone else seeing this??

no its fine for me try switching to Google chrome

Fine on my side. I use Firefox 8.


Its good for Chrome 17

Looks fine - Firefox 7.0.1 on Ubuntu Linux (10.04 - Gnome/Compiz)

That looks curiously like Firefox thinks it has the image in cache but has the wrong image. I would clear the cache and try again. That’s also an old version of Firefox (looks like 3.x, as 4+ has a new Chrome-like tab interface).

I am not seeing that. I use Firefox 8.0.

That is what I am beginning to think…

Yes it is 3.6.24… I don’t prefer the Chrome-like Tab Interface… Nor the numbering scheme of Whole Version updates…

I feel that must be from “Google Envy”, of Chrome at version 17+…

Looks fine on Iron 13.0.800

(I know… I’m a bit behind… I’m about to upgrade…)

I don’t see it on my side. I am using Chrome.

What ‘this’ are you referring to?

I am assuming he means the blue blurry picture MarkO attached to his first post.