Anyone ever built and programmed a trbuchet or slingshot?

Newbie needs assistance! Hello, I am a Tech teacher in upstate NY and although I have been involved with FIRST and have taught robotics in different variations over the years, I’m fairly new to VEX EDR. I have a classroom with a large supply of VEX components, and the kids have successfully built clawbots, but I would like to make the curriculum more relevant. Since all the kids seem to live and die “Mindcraft” thought it would be interesting to have them build a modified clawbot that could build walls with blocks, but also throw a block at “the enemy” to destroy their defenses. Is there anyone who can share a design and program for either a modified clawbot or new design that allows the arm to throw an object, as with a slingshot or Trebuchet? This is strictly for classroom use, not for any competition. Any designs and programming suggestions would be appreciated!

Are planning on making this driver controlled.

How big of an object are you wanting to throw?

How far do you want to throw the object? Our team has made a catapult using a slip gear.