Anyone got advice for how to avoid disconnections?

Any advice for how to avoid disconnections? Its been happening a lot to our brain and controller during skirmishes?

@pinapelz I was reading the manual for this years competition and it said “The V5 Radio must be mounted such that no metal surrounds the radio symbol on the V5 radio.” I also found this in the manual “It is fine to loosely encapsulate the V5 Radio in Robot structure. The intent of this rule is to minimize radio connection issues by minimizing obstructions between VEXnet devices. If a radio is buried in a Robot, VEXnet is not able to connect as well and may result in Robot communication issues.”

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  1. as high up on the robot as possible
  2. mount them on rubber links
  3. make sure nothing surrounds it

Keep radio from being surrounded by metal and make sure sensor and motor wire are being held in all the way(doubling a rubber band around the wire helps us keep them snug in the port)

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a few reasons for disconnects:

  • poor connection between radio and controller.
  • janky wires between the radio and the brain.
  • janky ports on either the radio or the brain.

try eliminating the variables to find which is causing you problems. if swapping wires to one you know to be reliable doesn’t help, than try swapping to different brain ports, if that doesn’t help try switching out the radio to see if it was the radio port causing issues. if all else fails, then try mounting the radio high. I’ve never had any issues with connection due to radio placement though.


Radio Placement is normally not an issue unless you put it dead center in a conglomeration of wires, c-channels, and nuts and bolts. The Radio is normally exposed but if you’re pressed on space you can accidentally end up doing that, believe me, I made that mistake once.