Anyone got ideas on what the next season is going to be

Idk what it is so just wondering what other people are wondering, also so that i can prep a CAD model.

No one will have any idea what the game is until vex releases the official game reveal or a teaser like they did last year.


Following the past year cycles it should be a stacking game


Maybe It’ll be one of those games where you have to get everything to the other side of the field.

or if someone posts the full game they got shipped a few months early


**Nobody Knows Until the game revel at worlds! Nobody knows only can people speculate **


Its obviously going to be Fin Up, the water game we’ve all been asking for


Just run through this topic and you’ll see what you can do instead of designing for a specific game. You don’t need to know the game to improve yourself and your team.


probably a stacking game? something where you lift instead of shoot to be sure, but my prediction is a cylinder stacking game, seeing as how vrc hasnt used them before. also expect vertical expansion this year.

Not quite true.


Years of research, hundreds of hours of speculation and investigation, and more than one seance have all lead to the following conclusion; 2023 is the year of Water Game. /s


What is the pattern?

oh yeah I forgot that game existed lol. they could still be used as more of a main game piece instead of a secondary one

I am hoping that there is some sort of climbing endgame, like a bar to pull the robot up onto


It would be cool to see some sort of game based around a racing style challenge. like complete a lap in the shortest time kind of thing


how would a water game work? are the parts waterproof?

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This may never happen, but a moving obstacle game would be fun!


Welcome to the Coco Puff 100, the fastest robotics game that happens in 2 minutes. This year the normal 12x12 VRC robotics field has been reconfigured to be a 15’ x 3’ rectangle. Robots start at the end of the field and the goal is to complete as many laps as possible. As the blue alliance you head to the red side, across the log field (1" x 1’ dowels space 4 inches apart for 18 inches. ) They then zoom across the center of the figure 8 track and cross the watery divide ( a full size sheet pan filled with water) and head up to the red pylons. After passing through the pylons, they turn to race back to their home. Crossing the great grass plains (2" thick astro turf) into the figure 8 crossing requires extra power. Once pass the cross they enter into the desert crossing (a full sized sheet pan filled with gravel (ok so stop and think what a mess sand would make) and head for the blue pylons. A full lap earns the robot 10 points.

Passing other robots is a skill, crashes may earn you a 5 second penalty.

Robots can earn extra points by gathering cargo, 4" cubes worth 10 points each when delivered to the far side; and passengers, “Barbie sized dolls” worth 20 points per round trip. But, crash and fling your passenger out is -20 points.

Robots, speed, skill, water, other hazards, and a chance to use a younger siblings dolls as game elements, it’s Middle School Robotics nirvana!

@coco_puff341 - thanks for the prompt!


I was wondering the same stuff as well

it just works…
(20 c)