Anyone gotten free points in skills

Has anyone gotten free programming skills points even though you never did one? Our tournament we got 10 auton for some reason which puts us in top 50 in the world. I talked to another team and they got a 4 point skills run and they’ve never done a skills run ever

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No. That’s not supposed to happen.


Yes this is no bueno


That’s really weird. At one competition the person who watched and recorded the results of my skills run accidentally switched the programming and driver score so I had like 1 or 2 driver skill points and a few programming skill points.


I’m the one with 6 and 1



Report it to your RECF Regional Support Manager, it is the right thing in light of the Code of Conduct.


10 point free auton op.

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I have no clue who that is, we are running our own team ourselves as students right now. We will try to, but yea

You can use the map to find your regional support manager - you really ought to know who that is and how to contact them. Literally just typed in “recf regional manager” on Google; took under 10 seconds to find map and verify the one for my region.

Another good person to reach out to when questions arise during or after an event would be the Event Partner. They will generally be able to answer any questions and/or put you in contact with someone who can assist. The EP contact info is always on the robot events website under the event’s general information tab.

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Instructions for finding RECF RSM already posted. You should have the adult who registered the team on contact the Regional Support Manager. RECF staff are prohibited from directly contacting student team members.

Once event is posted EP can not change skills data. Only RECF can. Given circumstances, they likely will.

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