Anyone have an idea for a VEX dual-clutch?

I was thinking about a compact F1-style transmission for a VEX robot that would be be simple to use and not too hard to make. Do you have any ideas?

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A couple of pals and I were thinking of a similar thing last year, I was more thinking of a whole f1 car they were more thinking of transmissions. I came to the conclusion that a transmission wasn’t that useful in competition but it’d be a cool side project that I might do. I never got around to it but my pals had a transmission design early in the season this year. I can’t remember it that much but basically the axle could slide to where the driver gear could move to and mesh and drive a different sized gear. They messed around with differentials too but I honestly think that was for more aesthetic reasons. It had inconsistency with the gears meshing and bulk and not really being useful so they scrapped it.
You can find pictures of it on it on Instagram @vexyz_triple_axis
You can slightly see it on posts 6, 7, and 8.

Hopefully this helps at all, sorry it wasn’t quite what you were looking for. If I actually designed the transmission I could tell you more. I’d love to see a well working one though.
Good Luck.

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, Green Egg had a piston-actuated transmission on their tossup robot a few years back


No. I’m talking about two manuals stuck together (or as close as you can get in VEX to two manual transmissions).

i have a design with a gearbox thing. it’s janky, but it works. pm me for details

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