Anyone have any junk brains they don’t want?

Hello there, if you have any brains with a bunch of broken ports or something then I’ll definitely take it if you don’t want it. Looking for a brain to do some expirements on, would be nice to be able to just DO my code instead of having to wait to get to school to do it… I don’t need motors for it so yeah it’s just gotta work somewhat.

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This is a good idea. I was programming for about 4 hours today with my brain. I’ve got some loose ports and one dead one, but hey, I don’t get 4 hours in a week to work on things at school.

Edit: I obtained my brain this year from an organization whose sponsor required them to switch to FRC.

With the current shortages, and vex being out of stock for all v5 stuff, good luck. People probably aren’t going to want to part with their currently irreplaceable v5 brains, even ones in bad conditions.

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Thank you for the luck