Anyone have any new ideas for the 2019-2020 game?

Just Looking for any new ideas from other teams… we were thinking about a cascade lift…

Check out the reveal in 3 days challenges from youtube. Most people are going with a traybot like 448x or a DR4B with a small tray on top of it. It’s probably pretty rich coming from me, but just about everyone agrees VEX Robotics cascades aren’t the most efficient type of lift.

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Just go onto Youtube and search for VRC tower takeover

Watch the finals in China of The Tower takeover.

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We started our season with a Cascade style lift. Check out our video.

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Btw there have been a lot of threads lately abt people “looking for ideas”. IMO, it’s fine if there’s only one or two threads but there’s been like 4-5. Please look at these other threads instead of creating your own.

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YouTube will help with the designs

448x is s good one on u2b

Not sure if 448x is going to release a new design.

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