Anyone have pictures of...

Does anyone have any pictures of 254’s claw elevator robot from Pan Pacific?

Do you mean the intake claw with the intake rollers from round up?


I think that depends on which 254 they mean.

254A’s first robot (of 4ish) for Pan Pacific was an elevator with a regular claw… It failed pretty hard so we scrapped it that night and rebuilt our robot. We ended up rebuilding major portions of the robot throughout the tournament, giving us about 4 unique robots (all at different times of course).

I would have to go hunting around my team for pictures, because I personally don’t have any. Generally the robot had a double linear slider powered by racks and pinions. We made our own sliders out of aluminum c-channels and 1/4" pitch angle pieces. The claw was a regular polycarb claw.

Here are a few pictures of 254A’s robot from Pan Pacific. The first pictures are of our original design and the third picture is of the design that we ended up with at the end.

And here are larger versions:

Do you guys have pictures of your bot at Worlds?

  • Sunny G.

High hanging on the inside (we could also high hang on the outside, but I couldn’t find any good pictures of it):

About to go under the ladder:

Another picture of our robot:

You guys fit an incredible amount of motors, sensors, and other parts into that relatively small robot. That thing is a feat of engineering.