Anyone have tips on NBN field reset times?

Anyone have tips on getting more efficient field reset times for Nothing But Net?

We ran our first competition this weekend and the time to reset the field was nearly 3:20 with multiple people due to brand new balls on brand new mats not wanting to stay put in their little pyramids. They all just wanted to roll away. Scuffed balls that you should not use for competition stayed easier.

Anyone make a jig like pool triangle rack to set the balls? Does it help?

Needless to say we ran long. But part of that was our old flaky field control tower that will be summarily shot, shredded, and melted after that just for good measure.

Any other tricks? Hot glue gun? :wink:

I haven’t seen anyone using a jig at competitions yet. Some balls on some fields definitely stay easier than others. Sometimes stacking all 4 at once works best; sometimes placing the bottom three and getting them to stay before setting on the top one works better. Sometimes pressing down on the top ball before letting go helps (my favorite RECF video).

Main thing is to have lots of field resetters, and hopefully they gain experience and get better after the first few matches. Also hopefully they stop knocking over two stacks for every one they set up :stuck_out_tongue:

The ‘ball rack’ jig hasn’t produced the results that we’d hoped, we bought a batch of them earlier this Fall. We’ve found the only difference in keeping the balls in place is when the floor and the balls are older and more scuffed. They seem to roll less in that case.

Outside of that, everyone on our team has their own ‘trick’ they claim that works. The consensus is that new floors and new balls are difficult to keep in place, though.

Yes, we use reset jigs. You can find the info on them HERE. I really like these jigs, they save us a lot of time.
Another advantage of using reset jigs is that only 1 person on the field needs to know where the ball stacks belong. Once they put the (10) jigs down the rest of the kids can just fill up the stacks. Push down and twist the top bonus ball before lifting the jig.

We just hosted a (46) team tournament this past Saturday. We used (4) competition fields and (1) dedicated skills field. The event went pretty well. We scheduled a leisurely 4 minute 20 second match cycle time, alternating between two fields in each of the two field sets. The students that just finished on a field reset the field.

A HUGE help is having a 16" x 16" box so you can quickly see how many balls are at each station for the driver control loads and pre-loads.