Anyone having problems with VEX support replying?

I had an email chain with EU support, they replied from, and I haven’t received a reply since. It’s been a few days. Anyone experienced this? Got any ideas?

I find vex support to be very responsive. However, it is pretty much one and done. I don’t expect a long multi-email conversation or anything like that.


We needed to troubleshoot a little and then they needed to send out some replacements. They asked for shipping address etc, I responded and I’ve heard nothing since.


For the record, customer support emails are normally answered in the order that they are received. It’s only been 1 day since you last emailed us, so I’m sure you’ll receive a response sooner rather than later.



Let me add a pro tip here. From April until December, most of the VEX traffic is schools ordering stuff and us competition teams.

On 4 January the second largest robotics competition in the world,the First Robotics Competition started. They have until presidents weekend in February to build a 30" x 30" x 45" robot costing about $5000 to play a super hard game on the field the size of a basketball court. Those people are, to put it mildly, FRANTIC. And they want top engineered VEX parts. Now. Ever wondered why there is “Next Morning Shipping” that costs more than you think is possible? Visualize DRow, driving your box of two motors cross county amped up on Mt Dew and Popeye’s Chicken to deliver parts by Thursday. These people have traded perfectly useable grandmothers to get a matched set of Falcon 500’s by Tuesday. Time pressure and poor planning is a very harsh mistress.

I can only imagine what the hellscape that is VEX shipping looks like, the queues on orders, the backlog on calls. But it’s clearly a place and people that you need to cut some slack on.

So be patient, but think about your next six weeks. You think you’ll need a part? Order it now, don’t wait until the last minute.

And remember, VEX bread and butter isn’t us, it’s schools. I just dumped $8K order of a STEM lab refresh into the queue (and it’s only 1/2 the lab). I have 9 schools to go between now and April. On a positive note, your order for two motors is treated at the same high priority and care as my order.

Patience is appreciated. And as Mom says: It’s nice that you are important, it’s more important that you are nice.


I can imagine this is the busiest week of the year. That being said, I’m always surprised at just how responsive VEX support is (I’m looking at YOU, Eli!) because the support staff is really small relative to the thousands of teams out there.


We’ll need @Grant_Cox to chime in, but I’d guess the first week in Feb is the worst. That’s when your design fell apart, you are iterating on plan B and you need those parts yesterday!

But, VEX introduced a new motor for FRC this season, and it was mayhem in the first hours of ordering.


Oh yeah VEX during FRC Kickoff and end of build season is rough.

But now there’s no bag day so…

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