Anyone having trouble with their goals caving in? 2020-2021 competition

Our field’s goals have started to cave in/sink in (especially with the goals not in the corners). The design of the field only holds the corner goals up with supports allowing the balls to pass in and out of the goal no problem. Though, the goals not in the corners have started to lean forward making the gap between the first level opening impossible to de-score any ball. We have zip-tied the leaning goals back against the border of the field. Just curious if this has happened to anyone else.

this is just how the goals are. it’s unfortunate, but how it is. I would suggest you not remedy it with modifications because then you won’t be prepared for how the goals are at a real event.

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At the same time, for a side or corner goal to be considered legal, the distance between the two bottommost rings must be at minimum 6.13in and at maximum 6.63in. since that is the standard set out for competition fields, I suggest you adjust your goals so that they fit the same specification.image


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