Anyone here from Minnesota and if so have you faced southland robotics

They have always been a huge threat to us and our sister teams I think if we can find a way to beat them a team from our school may stand a chance at state

well, just wait until you meet the Phrogs and the Dapper Droids


Oh? What are there bots like?

I’m not sure if I’ve faced them before. Can you describe their robot or provide a picture?

(edit: oops sent the high quality version)


I don’t remember that bot specifically, but that is essentially the Phrog’s dapper droids’, and ever Mankato team bot.

It would be easier to know what your bot is to plan against them. Some tips are: grab the neutral goals first, grab their alliance goals if they somehow drop them (but don’t descore rings), and be able to park on the platform.

Yes, usually they are among the best teams at whatever competition.

I am also from minnesota. Southland is really, good, but mankato, and the Phrogs are better. Mankato, from what I have seen, dominate every single tournament.

Haven’t been agenst them yet to were far north I’m guessing what is their team number so I can do some investigating



I thought 7225 was a southland number?

The phrogs number is 56003x. They are very good

Oh. You are asking for the mankato teams. 8110 and 81101

Ight thanks

Why do I need 20 characters

It is because there is a 20 letter limit on each reply.

It might be best to see if Minnesota has a robotics discord, that would help you find teams closer to you


Yeah states going to be tough. I guess I will go about it like any other match, just get more goals on my side while filling the alliance goals with rings and balancing them. Its like other matches but just way more competitive. Also having some luck in the qualifications plays a roll too.

How might I find that

Troll alliance is not Minnesota based, so a Minnesota specific alliance would be more useful.