Anyone interested in a new super kit with additional pieces and sensors?

We had a great turn out from another similar set we let go of here, so we’re giving another chance for anyone interested in Vex IQ! We teach children mobile (like tutors) about robotics (Alhambra CA), and superkits are the complete package.

With this set, we have checked everything and we’re ready to pass this on to another student somewhere out there!

This kit is essentially like the bundle super kit they sell in the main site but with additional pieces, including sensors, gears and more. Thank you for checking us out! Your help lifts us a ton. Mobile robotics!

Here is the listing - Vex IQ super kit + bonus pieces - All descriptions in the link

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Can you tell me what the extra pieces and sensors are?

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Hello, there are a couple of gears and the sensors are a distance, LED and color. I believe it is also captured in one of the photos.

Thanks for the follows and watch! We’re also taking offers so feel free to message us! Have a great weekend!

We’ve dropped it to the same price Vex is selling their super kit for! Note that you’ll also receive the additional pieces such as sensors! They cost at least 20 USD+ online!

Here is the new link! Link

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