Anyone know what these are?

We have about 50 of them in different bags throughout our equipment? We have held onto them, but not sure where they came from? Maybe from the VEXIQ pilot equipment?

They look like the snaps that held the IQ goals and ramps together last year

I could have swore those were a solid black piece on one side with no hole, I could be wrong though

Yeah, the snaps were different. Not sure what those are, though.

Ur right, was looking on my phone, didn’t see the holes. Are they the backend of a snap rivet?

Not sure what they are called, but they were (perhaps still are) part of the Vex IQ system. They attach structure onto shafts.

You mean its like one of these drive shaft bars for the vex iq system? You put an axle through and the bar spins with the axle

Yes, it’s called a “worm bracket” or something like that. The OP’s picture only showed one half of the two needed.

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