Anyone playing Block Line Engineer?

I saw an ad for Block Line Engineer Block Line Engineer on Steam
Block Line Engineer is a physics based sandbox automation simulation game where you build machines from basic parts like motors, rotating joints and connector plates. Once your machine is done you teach it how to move and maybe combine it with a different machine to form a block line. Block lines are moving blocks to block receivers. Optimize your block lines to achieve maximum throughput.

Looks interesting, is anyone playing it?


Never done that, but I really enjoyed the similar game fantastic contraptions. Unfortunately, the browser based version doesn’t work anymore. :frowning_face:

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Ahhh the joys of being a pack rat and having a browser that still runs flash! Got to keep my Geocities site running!!


If you want to play this game you maybe need a Iris Xe or higher. It says here gtx 1060, that as powerful as the Iris Xe. Just putting the word out there. Also I am maybe thinking of buying it, looks like a cool offline game that I can play on the laptop while I am on road trips.

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