Anyone seen Robot C drop USB Serial recgonition on them?


Has anyone seen this problem before? The robot C USB to serial cable driver just fails and robot C just never recognizes the cable ever again regardless of the port?

We’re using RobotC v3.05 on a Windows 7 laptop so it should all be automatically configured. I thought it was a bad programming cable but it seemed the USB to serial driver failed on us. The communications link menu always just said automatically select. When trying to download to the robot, it knew what com port we were on but

I tried uninstalling just about everything - robot C included. However the Vex USB serial driver program in the control panel would not uninstall. (Wondering if that was part of the ongoing issue)

I re-downloaded everything and tried again and again. Only after getting the USB serial driver from the robot C start page did it successfully re-install and work again. I guess the one from the robot C v3.05 distribution did not work correctly.

Any ideas what could have made it go bezerk? Should I ask on the forums instead?

USB to Serial Drivers have issues when Micro-Soft make some sort of updates to Windows… This is a long Time Issue, going back at least 10 years… When everything suddenly stops working, it time to look at Installing Different Drivers…

Check the Driver Version of the USB to Serial device installed… The Orange Cable from Vex uses the Prolific PL-2303, and the latest version can be downloaded from Prolific in Taiwan, which as of this moment is Off-Line ( Their SQL Server is having problems ), but the Google Cached Page says this is the Latest Driver, v1.5.0.

If the latest Drivers from the RobotC site work, go with them, but chances are, in the Future, they will Break again…

I had a similar issue, where my cable would not be recognized by my computer no matter what prolific driver software I installed. What I had to do was plug in the cable, go to your computer’s device manager, open the USB to serial adapter window, then do to the driver tab. Select “Update Driver” and click on manually search for driver software. On here there should be a link that says search computer for available drivers, then just select which prolific driver software you have currently and install it from there. This is what I had to do for my issue, it should work for yours as well, if not, best of luck!

Team 5003A.

Thanks for the advice. I did not think I had any Microsoft updates applied, but I did not look that closely.

Yeah the Windows device manager was not helpful to me. I tried that route first (or second or third) with no luck. ShouId I have used the Drivers sub-directory in robot C 3.05 or some place else?

After a total re-install and re-downloading the driver form the robotc startup page it finally went (and even found the driver automatically too the second time).

I’ve found that sometimes the USB-Serial adapter is only recognized (shows up in device manager) if the other end is plugged into a Joystick that is turned on.

Also, if you want to get rid of all instances - including hidden instances - of the serial driver in windows, follow these instructions:

Windows 7 has Automatic Updates activated by default, IIRC…

I know I had to modify my Windows 7 setup to “Download updates but let me chose wheather to install them”, which is a misnomer, because it doesn’t seem to download them until you OK them to be Installed…

To Install the Drivers From the Sub-directory???

My experience with Windows 7 ( and Vista ) with the UAC ( User Account Control ) is you can try to Installing Drivers, with out really being an Administrator, which will fail…

Also I should note, that when you have mulitple USB port, the USB Root Hub, IIRC, can only have Two Physical USB Ports. The USB Drivers are installed by Root Hub, so you install the Driver once, and Two of the Ports work fine, you try a Third port, and the Device Driver Install Wizard, wants to see the Install Files.

I believe that the Windows Driver Store is suppose to make that Automatic, but I see enough weird behavior over the last 10 years with USB to Serial devices, and a few other device as well that I am never surprised when there is an issue…

I am glad you have it working now… Go forth and Compete…

I found a Utility recently to Mass Delete the Hidden Devices… Unfortunately I have misplaced it, and can’t currently locate it… It was very handy thought… I will post info when I re-locate it again…