Anyone selling a VEX Competition Field?

Does anyone know where I can buy a used VEX Competition Field or if someone is giving one away? We are a small school with virtually no budget or sponsors. We started our program 2 years ago and have been using the PVC field. It is constantly breaking and is very difficult to get precise in autonomous mode. Please let me know if you can help! Thank you.

I recommend getting sponsors. It may seem hard, but our club got $16,000 this year just from sponsors. (We spent it all, lol) But it fascinated the sponsors, they really enjoyed us teaching them what a robotics club does.

Lol, my old school only had one sponsor and they dropped us.

how did you get sponsors?


Someone in the club’s parent got the sponsor from their work but we then were suddenly dropped.

We tried multiple times, and we will continue, but we are a small christian school and many companies will only sponsor public schools.

Mind sharing some of the $$$ with your Northern MN friends? :wink:

Anyone know how to get any actually liable sponsors???

thats what i want to know

I need to go to like a rich private schools and come in contact with the kid’s parents. (Not creepy at all).

Our school sponsors us.

Lucky, all the schools I have been to totally disregard academic clubs.

Are you an official non-profit organization?

Northrop Grumman and Go Army give charitable amounts to just about anybody who asks for robotics stuff, they even own a few fields.

With the exception of the stars and cubes, the field can be built out of pvc and foam mats. It truely isnt worth more than $200. Much better then the 1k the field with walls is

PVC would be hard to use for auton. because it bends so easily

I don’t know, you guys seem to be doing very well for yourselves! The 3D printer is amazing and I’m sure Marcus or Brian would love to know the specifics of it. Also you guys are amazing, mind sharing some your great ideas with us?

I see a lot of posts like this. What I recommend doing is going to yellow books and searching technology, then make a letter and presentation and request a meeting. We were lucky get many positives responses, and many more companies saying they couldn’t sponsor us. (mostly because they could not spare the costs) We specifically targeted companies that we knew would like to hear about robotics and STEM in schools.

If you guys want further information about easy ideas for presentations or specific sponsors, you can always PM me.

Well, thank you for the compliment…but “amazing” is probably stretching it, haha. We just got back from Worlds and THOSE people there are amazing. More seriously though, if you guys ever have any questions about anything feel free to ask! We gotta keep pushing robotics excellence in Minnesota!