Anyone selling pneumatics with availability to ship to UK?

Our team is in urgent need of a reservoir (with the PVC and pump fittings) and a single driver cable. Unfortunately buying a kit outright is too expensive, and the UK doesnt have too many options in terms of non-vex distributors. We are looking in the region of $30-50 (£27-£47). Thanks.

You can buy a reservoir from SMC here:
The fittings can be bought here:

You can buy a solenoid cable here:

That Solenoid Driver is sold by robotmesh which as a Vex reseller are limited to a small region they are allowed to sell to. Last I checked they were only allowed to sell to California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. The team mentioned they were in the UK and Robotmesh definitely can’t sell to them in the UK. They would have to buy solenoid drivers from Pneumatics - VEX Robotics or the vex reseller in the UK.

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