Anyone selling vex v5 batteries on ebay?

My team and only have one battery and for more than a year we haven’t been able to get a single battery. Is anyone selling a vex v5 battery? Willing to pay for shipping. We are willing to pay extra. DM me if you have anything.

??? wouldn’t the simpler route be to go to eBay and search what is currently on sale?

What would perhaps work better as a strategy is to say something like this “Our team in only has one battery for the season. If you are able to loan us or sell us a battery, please DM me. Thank you!”


If I had found something on eBay this forum wouldn’t be here. Thx for the strategy though! Will add it to the forum desc.

Perhaps, I misinterpreted the title to mean “any v5 batteries for sale on eBay?” vs what you might have meant “have people been selling batteries on eBay?”

Either way - focus on the strategy I recommended. In addition, your coach can reach out the VEX Coaches group on Facebook. You can also reach out to your ReCF Team Engagement Manager to see if they can link you up with local teams who can help out.

Best of luck this season!


Yeah that seems like a good idea. Thanks for the information