Anyone using webcams with their Raspberry Pi's?


Does anyone know if webcam (or PiCam) support is built into the raspberry pi images for tournament manager? Seems like a pretty natural thing to have working…


From what I’ve seen so far, tournament manager for rPi only acts as a remote display for tournament manager, and only over ethernet.


Well, it is still possible to log in, expand the filesystem and add whatever you want. But be warned that the Pi is considered powered just enough to handle the TM display task, while Pi ZeroW is frowned upon for TM usage (if for no other reason, then for 2.4Ghz WiFi).
For the record, I have tested Pi ZeroW with TM and when I modified it to enable WiFi, it worked well enough. But for a tournament, I still went with Pi3 and wired ethernet. Running a camera on Pi3? Might work well, but what for? Live streaming? In my experience (as octoprint), if you use the onboard CSI (as opposed to USB webcam) and wired ethernet of Pi3 (as opposed to MMC-connected WiFi of Pi0W), the performance impact should be quite small…