Anything Exciting?

Does anyone have any ideas to make your team really stand out? Like special clipboards we saw, or anything else?

I made a laminated printout of the field so that I can use it in strategy discussions. I haven’t seen too many other teams have them.

A colorful pit and robot also will help you to stand out against the general monotony of the other competitors.

FRC pins give out button pins with their team logos, but they have better funding than most Vex teams. It’s not a bad idea, though.

A matching team looks nice. At least a matching drive team.

The last few years we have used business cards from Vistaprint. For things like states, nationals and worlds, the back became a list of things they have won and their overall record, high scores, auton wins, robot capability, etc. This year we made them blank on the back for the girls to write the items from the day on. Works well. I think we got 1000 for $15.

I forgot to mention that! That’s a good idea! I was thinking more in the terms of quarter-sheet fliers, but cards undoubtedly look more professional.

Build a good robot. The tournament champion stands out :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol true. I never would have thought if that one.

I’m not sure which team it was but at worlds I saw a team put a QR code on the back of their business cards, that way you can provide lots of up to date information on a website or social media page.

Put a speaker on your robot and play Darude Sandstorm during autonomous. And then win autonomous.

We bought a speaker a few years back and the girls had the robot speak to the judges at States.

They used a website that converted text to a wav file, then used audacity to convert the wav to the correct bitrate and style. This was then loaded to the robot and they used 4 of the joystick buttons to play 4 different wav files that greeted the judge and said a couple basic things about the robots capability in the first person. It had a good wow factor, as I’ve yet to see anyone use a speaker at any of the competitions.

They have talked multiple times of making the speaker play an annoying sound if the autonomous program tracking variable has never changed from a default setting. At times they forget to set their auton and this way, hopefully someone would get the message to config the robot before the match starts.