AP for ties

I like the addition of the split AP for auton ties, but I really think there should be an additional option of “no score” to differentiate matches where none of the 4 robots score any points. It would just add a 4th box (red win, blue win, tie, no score) to Tournament Manager.


IMO I think that this overcomplicates autonomous more than it already is as well as makes the two choices between tie and no score quite language-confusing, especially when considering that we have 50+ countries with hundreds of languages being used in VEX and require translations for many to understand. Heck I had to read what you said 3 times to figure out what you posted.

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We wouldn’t need to add a 4th category to TM to make that a reality. It would just be that neither team is awarded anything. We would just need a bypass for the AP score assigning.

I’m kinda with Connor on this one. I might be totally misinterpreting what was said.

I think all that’s being called for is a fourth choice for auton “outcome”. Currently there is red win, blue win, and no win. However, this year (per the definition of Autonomous Bonus) there also needs to be a button for the case of an auton tie, which awards only 3 points to both alliances.

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According to G11 b there has to be an option for no bonus

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Yes, but that is just the same option as before auton is awarded, which gives both alliances no points and no cubes.