AP Statistics Robotics Survey

Hello, everyone!
I’m doing a project for AP Statistics, and as I’m sure you know I will need survey responses.
I created a short, 3-question Robotics Survey and it would help me a TON if you could fill it out for me. Once you finish the survey, please feel free to respond to this forum thread to bump it in the list. I ask that you do this because I need 50 or more responses for the report. I will delete (or ask DRow to delete) this entire thread when I have the responses I need.

Thank you,
3249Z, O.O.F.

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Grrrr my school sucks sometimes.

Link updated, @Vyx, thanks for letting me know

Hmmmm voluntary response…

We responded we hope our team helped.

Considering OP is an AP Stats student, I would hope they know that this is by far one of the worst ways to conduct a survey…

Judging from the questions, I doubt surveying technique was actually a factor of consideration for the project. The task seems to me to be more of get a ton of [real] data, then do correlation analyses on that data, with the goal being to practice correlation analysis.

The resources of a high school student are generally too limited to execute a truly proper survey anyway.


chill out guys its literally just a stat project. it doesnt matter if the survey is inaccurate as long as the OP understands why there could be error.


I am using this data to see if the responses follow a “Normal” distribution. The questions I asked also follow the format of my instructor’s general list of questions provided with the project. If I am doing something wrong to achieve this, please PM me.

For now, @DRow, could you please remove or lock this thread? I have more than double the responses I need.