Aperture Robotics Interaction Zone Robot Teaser

Hey guys,

Its been a while since we have released anything and we are working on things believe me. But with life starting to take over we have had small breaks in design. We have also acquired our very first monetary sponsor!!! International Fluid Power Society! They gave us 500 dollars and we are going to get to prototyping of our Telescoping Arm, Which will likely also be used on this bot If we chose this design.


I don’t have any CAD yet I sketched up the concept in AutoCAD quickly so everything is a pretty rough placement. In the picture is a side view of starting position and a side and Front view of final extended position.

See if you can guess what its going to do!



Based on the middle image, you suck the balls/ barrels up through the little hole on the right side and they loop around the middle until they come out the top slot of the front image = therefore scoring in the goals.

EDIT: Oh, and the pieces with 3 lines are tread

I agree with the post directly above – Except that you will collect all of the elements that you can, after which you will empty the robot into the isolation zone for your hand of god robot to score.

I think the robot looks promising and its smart to build for the interaction zone because most teams (including mine) are going to build for the isolation zone

We are a college team so we have to build two bots.

You can check out our second robot here:


  • Andrew

I just have one question - what are the dimensions of the width between each section of tread (will the balls and barrels fit as they are 6" in diameter)?

Everything is to scale with the dimension of the elements its a rough sketch so 6 inches is what it came out to be. However This will be likely to change as we prototype. It is shown starting in an 18 in ^3 box and expands to something like 24x18x54

  • Andrew

Oh ok that makes sense. Thanks

Inhaling the wall isn’t a bad idea, but I’m strugging to figure out how you’ll get that much expansion.

If you are a collage team i can give you some cad designs of a robot we are going to build for high school (for the isolation zone) i just dont want to post them everywhere because i worked way to hard on it to be beaten by the same robot that i originally designed and for the interactive zone i would look at green eggs clean sweep bot it was amazing and could easily dump plenty of scoring elements over the gates really quickly (plus it looks cool and was holonomic)

Ah but thats the fun of a teaser isn’t it! We have a few things in mind but they are hush hush until the CAD comes out! :stuck_out_tongue: We want to make it look pretty before we give away all the secrets, and right now its not even started… :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Andrew

Sounds like code for “We’re not sure either” :stuck_out_tongue:

The key for what you are trying to do is speed. We’re compromising some of your functionality in order to get speed. Do consider it.

Close but not quite, we have experience from the FRC and FTC bots that we have built with systems like so, as for how fast it will be… I really am not sure quite yet at how fast it will be, It really depends on if Cody stops worrying about derailing of the material :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Andrew

I am hoping to start CADing this one soon, I was up until 3 AM working on a gearbox and double 4 bar System for the hand of God… So. Many. Constraints. Its not even funny. Anyway I hope Cody is done moving finally, so we can finally get some work done. And he can tear apart this Hand of God dual extending design :smiley:

The interaction bot right now isn’t a big deal for us since we are working on sponsorship and such for the team and CADding the Hand Of God :smiley:

Just a small update from Aperture

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