I own it, just got the notice that it’s about to expire soon. Instead of letting someone randomly snag it (like many places like to do with pre-owned domains for some SEO been owned thing) I figured I’d offer someone here the chance to get it.

I’ll take submissions via this thread, the team that seems to want/need/fit this the best will get it at my discretion.

I’ve never done a domain transfer before, so the deal is you pay whatever the transfer costs (if anything at all) and it’s yours.

That and I expect you to actually use it.

Offer below. -Cody

Does the site itself hold anything? It seems to redirect to a wordpress site not on the domain. Any other URL’s on the domain?

Do you still use your aperaturerobotics.com emails?

What is the hosting provider? Your DNS is responding from 1and1. Is that correct?

Site has not been updated since 2011 it seems.

I’m only offering the domain, I managed the site for Andrew’s team before it merged with NAR. It’ll be up to Andrew to shutdown the blog, which I’m sure he will.

The MX records point to a Google App account. It was briefly used but not as a primary for anyone on the team. I don’t use my Aperture email, my primary email address is my Polynomic3D.com address.

Before transferring the domain I’ll make sure that all account holders check to see if their Aperture email is used by any other accounts on the Internet, we wouldn’t want anyone to be able to hijack their connected accounts.

This is correct, the domain is currently parked on my 1and1 account.

Idk, sounds about right.

How much are you paying for the domain right now? And can you check how much it costs to transfer? I might buy it just for kicks.