Aperture's CADing Again ;)

Possible Teaser? :wink: Still haven’t showed Cody this. He might like it. A lot. :wink:



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P.S. Davepowers was here

More teasers?


i think it may be the gearbox for the manipulator/gripper?

Well this is the part pictured above missing a few things, But I want to keep you guys guessing :wink:




ahhh, your drive module :slight_smile:
wait, hold on, you dont HAVE a drive!
a part of your hand joint?

also: i think the “L” piece (mounts the 12t sprocket) will be a bit fragile
will you add extra supports to that part of the module?

More than likely will add support to that. Don’t you remember we are a college team we build two robots :wink:

Nice shifter! 3:1 and 1:3 it looks like? Can’t wait to see more!

Cody is confused

Couldn’t Skype yesterday, I had a stupid four page essay to write about a book I didn’t bother to read. Thank you Google!

It’s certainly dense! But what I really want to see right about now is a Vex gimbal so that we can make that amazing hemispherical holonomic drive.

P.S. OS X Lion rules! :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s get everyone to send a PM to JVN at the same time and nag him about making one lol.

But then there is not student work to do :frowning:

I guess you could call it that :wink:

You should refrain from posting your irresponsibility in a forum where people may think you’re a role model.

Everyone else,
Don’t be like Cody.

The single most important skill for someone in a technical field is the ability to communicate effectively and professionally. If you have an idea or opinion but you can’t communicate it effectively in a professional setting, your idea or opinion is worthless. English class is important.

Blowing off an essay is stupid.


haha good one JVN

First - this wasn’t for an english class - get your facts right.

Second - I can communicate effectively, I do it all the time and I make a huge effort to fully explain myself as well as possible.

Third - I didn’t “blow off” an essay, I wrote the essay and submitted it on time - a full four pages as required - that’s why I couldn’t devote time to a robotics subject that day, because that would have been “irresponsible.”

Finally, you obviously don’t like me, which is strange considering I think your great. I love your work and I read your Blog and find your philosophy and experiences to be very interesting.

Paul and I made peace but I guess your going to stick it out, and I’m not letting Jason off the hook without some kind of redemption or at least an apology, ah but I know better!

Oh well - guess I’ll just have to live my awesome happy successful life.


Hey Cody, please leave the politics out of these topic posts. It doesn’t do anyone any good to hear you bad mouthing other people. You seem to think very little of the people who keep vex running, and that’s fine as long as keep it to yourself. But posting it here where it has no relevance to the topic is a very bad idea. You might want to resolve your conflicts somewhere else. Though I have respect for you as an engineer, these posts tend to create a negative view of you. I’m sure you’re not a bad or closed-minded person, but these posts seem to create such an image. Please refrain from spouting accusations here. Thanks.

I didn’t ask for, nor did I mean to start this one and to be quite honest, I don’t have time for it either.


For the record I was making a joke with my previous comment. But anyways, back to Aperture’s little teaser’s and such.

My guess is that these screenshots are for your interaction zone robot.


Alright alright alright alright.

I’m going to end this. Cody was simply posting out that he had an essay and he was busy… I don’t want this to turn into a big fight over an essay or schoolwork he had to do. Granted he did word it very iffy with enough room for misunderstanding. I don’t want anyone to be angry with out team.

Now to get off that topic.

I have decided to post what we are up to.

Now most of you probably have seen this thread.


Now when I saw this and said “Is this even possible.”

Here is what I came up with.

Have fun, Enjoy!

Comments are appreciated


awesome. really really awesome. I think everything would work fine with this. 2 things though,

  1. I would be a little worried with the omni wheels in the front. Between how exposed the wheels are and the fact that the wheel doesn’t have much reinforcement, I would be worried about something bending or the wheel bending or something. Have you run any stress tests on it? I would just slap a second C-Channel on the other side of them.

  2. What are you making the dome out of? The only thing that comes to mind is a bumper sensor thing.

Really great job. I would post this on chiefdelphi as well to see what all the FRCers think.


The front would be much more reinforced, it was a spacial test to see how much I could fit inside the 18in^3 and to see how level the drive would be in “neutral”. Basically I have given up oh making things HS legal, the Hemispheres are made from the plastic block (hopefully)

Ill make the post on CD great idea!

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