Aperture's CADing Again ;)

hmmm I’m not sure if plastic will get you enough friction on the surface. I feel like you might spin them to find that they skip quite a bit, which means you basically lose any advantage you would have with this drive. Although if the robot weighed enough it might not be able to skip that much… I’m not sure so prove me wrong!

btw how many motors are doing what? It looks like:

1 motor on each side for the first tilt
1 motor on each side for the second tilt
2 motors on each side for the spinning
For a total of 6 motors.

Also I’m gonna guess that the 4 spin motors are 393’s.

Really well done.

Yeah, there’s a lot of ppl on CD hatin on the idea of implementing it in VEX or FRC, so go prove them wrong!

Total of 8 motors since we can use 12 motors.

two 393 motors per gearbox that drives the hemisphere.
and two 269 motors
-one per axis

The material will be an interesting iteration as I’m thinking it will change as we get further into the design and also based on what materials are allowed.

Ummmmm any other questions I didn’t address?

  • Andrew

excellent CADD!!
i wonder what you will have for the rest of the robot
since it cant be too heavy if you want the “speed” factor from this design
and if its too tall, it will very likely to tip when you are going at these extreme speeds
keep us guessing! :slight_smile:

P.S. Thanks to Chiefdelphi we are calling this the HOG Drive (Hemispherical Omni-directional Gimbaled Drive)

Thanks! We’ll see what happens with it We can always build weight done if we had to. Also remember in the video the guy had a brushless motor which was ridiculously fast compared to the VEX motors. We are not sure what the MAX speed will be for this yet since we are not sure if we will use 160 RPM or 100 RPM. Don’t you just love CVT’s? :smiley:

im pretty sure the motor he used does well over 3000 rpm :stuck_out_tongue:
its used in RC heli’s so i’d think its pretty fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun being shut down defensively all match.

We never did say if we were going to do this. And thank you for pointing out the obvious… Now weather there is anything we can do about it or not is a different question. We are kind of taking a break from the competition bots to work on this because quite frankly we CAN’T seem to get our game objects to prototype claws with. :frowning:

Here is some pictures from today with building the drive train.

There was plenty of improvising to be done since we didnt have alot of metal that was needed to build it, Nonetheless what we came up with should work just the same.


If you have problems looking at the album tell me Ill load the pictures up later.

  • Andrew

Prety epic!

Have you continued to persue this idea?? I don’t see anything new and I’m very interested!


If we find enough sponsors to be able to help us we will continue but we have decided that we are going to build our competition bots first and then see what we can do about the HOG Drive

  • Andrew