Apollo 11 code is on github (finally!)

As well as being a little VEX obsessed for the last few years I’m also a bit of a space nut. For those who may be interested, the Apollo 11 source code, although being available for a number of years on the internet in both scanned and transcribed formats, was finally pushed out to github a few weeks ago.


There’s an old documentary about the MIT designed Apollo Guidance Computer which gives context to that source code. Well worth half an hour (jpearman exempted because he’s more than likely watched this already!)


I have been reading some of the funny articles recently going through the code and it has been pretty terrifying.

As a fellow space nut I was very excited to see SpaceX’s successful trip to the ISS and am glad the US might be able to actually send its own astronauts to the ISS again.


This kind of makes me want to and really not want to program a VEX robot in assembly.

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