[APP] [Android 4.0+] Skyrise Scorer

From the developer that brought you VRC View and Toss Up Scorer

Score your VEX Skyrise matches on the go! This app, like last year’s Toss Up Scorer, allows you to score Skyrise matches without even glancing at the screen, letting you stay concentrated on the match in front of you.

How to Use

  • Left side is red side, and right side is blue side
  • Tap on the top squares to score 4 points (Skyrise pieces and Skyrise cubes)
  • Tap on the middle squares to score 2 points (Normal cubes)
  • Tap on the bottom squares to score 1 point (Possession)
  • Swipe up from the bottom squares to the top squares to score 10 points (Autonomous bonus)
  • Swipe out of the edges to descore
  • Swipe across from the bottom squares to transfer 1 points (Change in possession of goal)
  • Long press anywhere to clear the scores

Google Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ruiqimao.skyrisescorer
Apple App Store version is currently being reviewed

No longer brought to you by team 2059A, but by team BNS!

This is awesome :slight_smile: nice work! Just wondering, any chance of an iOS version?

No plans for iOS yet. I could convince one of my iOS dev friends to port this to iOS. Or I could learn Objective-C. Or I could wait for iOS8 to release to the public and use Swift. Whichever one happens first. :slight_smile:

Bummer :stuck_out_tongue: I dislike iPhones yet I have one :frowning: No worries! I suppose I’ll wait for one of your reasons to come true hopefully haha. Thanks anyways.

Wow nice app. I really like it now that I figured out how to get android apps on my kindle fire. :smiley:


Oooh now you have my attention :smiley: Any sort of ETA? :slight_smile:

I finished the iOS app last night, and Ruiqi is submitting it to the App Store to be reviewed. Only thing left is to wait for it to be approved. :slight_smile: Typically that takes around 6 days, but hopefully we’ll get lucky and have it approved before then.

Wow thanks so much! That was a much quicker reply than I was expecting :slight_smile: I look forward to using it once it’s up (:

Wow. Absolutely awesome app. Guess our coaches are gonna get their thumbs ready also!

I really like the simplicity. No fancy stuff, clear, concise, and always works. Thanks so much!

Thanks, iAndr0idOs, this app is very useful, however, it would be quite confusing to anyone who did not know all the point values perfectly. I would suggest adding an info screen somewhere that you can see by swiping to that tells how to score, or have a settings page where you can enable text beneath the numbers explaining what gives that value of points.
Also, the scores get reset when the screen turns, that would be annoying in an match.
Edit: You can also de-score the auton bonus by swiping the blocks

Nice App though, Works Well, doesnt crash (like some of mine)

Thanks! I hope it’s useful!

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve added a first-run tutorial to the app and prevented the app from rotating. The update should be fully propagated within the next few hours.

The iOS version is still being reviewed. The initial version of the app will be posted in the next few days, and hopefully some sort of update (I will have to talk to Jordan) will be available shortly thereafter.

I would like to point out that, all though this is a good app and I applaud you guys, there already exists an app that also scores more thoroughly and goes more in depth. You can find it here. It was made by some good friends of mine so I might be a little biased but I just wanted to point this out because I think it deserves more recognition.

Keep in mind I did like your app. Good job guys!

So that app scores slower and costs money so it seems to be for entirely different markets.

One is for coaches and drivers on the field who want rapid results, those that know the basic point values as well as those who don’t want to pay.

The other is for people who aren’t willing to invest the time to learn the points but are willing to invest the time moving through a clumsy UI and invest the money to purchase the app.

Edit O and vex always releases a free app very similar in time to score as the one you recommend. There is a reason your friend isn’t making all that much money on it.

Sorry you missed the post where I announced that I had made it free on the Play Store: https://vexforum.com/showthread.php?p=359682#post359682 (of course it has always been free to the VEX community through our website).

Since then I have also made numerous other updates. Hopefully it no longer has a “clumsy UI”.

Hey guys, no need to start a fight :slight_smile:

Let me clarify something. Team_daVinci’s app is very good, but it’s more appropriate for scoring the match after it’s ended. It lets you be more precise as to what is scored where.

My app, on the other hand, is for live scoring, when your eyes need to be focused on the field, watching the robots, and only have a split second to glance down to look at the score. The UI is designed to have giant surfaces to tap and swipe, making it usable without looking at the screen to make sure you’re actually pressing the right thing. A lot of thinking and designing has gone into this specific design, which is why it looks so unorthodox.

Hopefully, our two apps can coexist without one beating up the other. :slight_smile:

Oh, and thanks. :smiley:

Absolutely! I can definitely see the value of your app, and will very likely be using it this year. Thanks for creating it!

The iOS app was accepted into the App Store yesterday. Here is the link for anyone who is interested: http://appsto.re/us/a_bj1.i :slight_smile:

Sweet thanks Jordan! This’ll prove really useful hopefully at the next NZ scrimmage coming up next weekend! I’ll let ya know how useful it is during a match is underway :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for making this app, it seems very useful. However, I have found a bug on the iOS version. The blue side doesn’t pick up any clicks, and the red side is split between blue and red. I am running on an iPad 4, with app version 1.0. Thanks for making this app.