Apple M1 chip and Vex code V5 and Vex Code Pro V5

So my current laptop is showing age and I am planning to upgrade to Apple mac book pro with M1 chip. Does any one know if Vex code V5 and Vex Code Pro V5 will work on Apple M1 chip. I cant find anything on Vex site .


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Having watched the WWDC keynote where they announced the chips. It appears that all apps (Including Vex code) will work on the new M1 chips. The only difference is whether or not they are optimized for the M1 chips.

So yes, it should work.

To go on what @Max_Johnson03 said, it will be run virtually rather than natively. I would assume that it would work but with some performance issues. However, it should be noted that reviews of the M1 Mac indicate that the virtualization that Apple has to allow for x86 apps to run on M1 is pretty good.

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I don’t think Apple will sell you a computer that can’t run the applications you are currently running on a mac. If you are using a laptop “showing age” I don’t think it will run worse. That’s all I know for certain but based on their keynotes and youtube videos I have seen, it should all be ok.

Thank you every one for the info. I will be ordering the machine in a few weeks i will report back to this page if its working


dont get a mac. they are horrible computers for what they cost, and while the M1 benches fast, it is a RISC cpu so in certain areas it will be incredibly slow. That, and most software is made for x86 processors. Your best bet if you want OSX may be to get a new windows laptop and make it a hackintosh. Best Buy has some pretty good open box deals.


Dont be an elitist prick. Apple makes good machines, but horrible policies. And its plenty for writing code.
I made a mistake here, I apologized below

And its not even risc, its arm
The hackintosh experience also sucks

I hope you like it, i hear the battery life is amazing.

Just a note, this is a bit much for a forum of this nature.

Secondly, Drew wasn’t entirely incorrect. Apple does typically have a bad price to performance ratio, especially for some of their higher-end products. But that’s beside the point. Drew voiced his opinion. Rather than attacking him, voice why you believe otherwise. Maybe you two could create a fruitful thread where the OP learns a lot more.


ARM is in fact a RISC instruction set, and I dont appreciate being called an “elitist prick,” though I’m guessing you too are a bulletbarry subcriber? Anyway, I don’t like Apple but I have nothing against people who use their products, I’d just not do so myself and I’d like to help others not make that mistake, too.

Also if you’re above the hackintosh experience, Linux Mint might be more your taste?

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Sorry, I guess I’m just not used this kind of community.
@DrewWHOOP I screwed up and made a harsh statement, it was innapropriate
My point is that dollar for dollar compared to other thin and lights, especially with the new arm chip its equiveliant or better than windows machines, and a lot of copanies are now being forced to arm by apple so the software isnt a big deal. And the emulation is great on mac, rosetta 2 is great.
I hate apple for other reasons but they do make good machines. I just like to repair my own stuff.


Ok bullet barry is great, but that kind of act shouldn’t be associated with him, i was angry and took it out on you, Im sorry Drew
And unfortunately there is no vex pro on linux; only windows and mac

no worries, and I can’t believe I was right lol. I saw your use of “elitist prick” and it immediately made my mind jump to console peasant quotes.

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Sorry, I’m just used to the pc community where I see that kind of crap right under videos thoroughly disproving that theory
Apples come a long way recently
at least in mobile products
Also, i was saying that the hackintosh experience sucks because a lot dosent work

Especially recommending to students, like those on this forum isn’t a great idea, it’s a project. I use Linux for all my software development, but I’m in my 20s and don’t run around recommending it to everyone for much the same reasons.

As to the original question, the pros slack has had users already running m1 macs working through bugs getting the setup working for future users. I expect similar bugs in the short term with vexcode but that they will sort it all out before too long. (EDIT: the bugs with pros were specific to the python library they used so vexcode wouldn’t have identical issues)
@jpearman that fair?


Hello All

Wanted to report that MAcs with M1 work!!!



Your opinion of Macs is certainly yours and you have a right to it. However, I have been using computers for almost 50 years and for me, I prefer Mac. It works for me and it does for many others as well. As for your criticism of M1, I have not seen any indication that its ARM architecture will cause it to run slower. If you have evidence to the contrary, I would love to see it. Yes, most software is made for x86, but I have several points to make there. One, the Rosetta 2 translator has been shown to run most, if not all x86 Mac software at near native speeds. Two, since the M1 Macs can run iOS app as well, I personally think we will see a flood of app available for the M1 Macs as developers can write code for Macs and iOS device together with just tweaks for input and display to fit the platform, very different from having to write iOS code and x86 code separately. Three, the M1 chip is incredibly efficient, real world testing of M1 MacBooks are showing battery life over 15 hours. As far as price/performance, I agree with you that at times Macs are more expensive than Windows machines. I think you will find that not to be the case for the M1 Macs. I believe that both Apple computers and Windows computers have their place. I don’t think that flat out telling some one “don’t get a Mac” without knowing their needs or reasons for getting a computer is not very nice.


If you’re editing video, a mac might be a great investment, but in the vast majority of cases, a windows machine will be more versatile, have a lower cost for performance, and be easier to upgrade and/or repair (for desktops, anyway)


It is slightly off-topic but, if anyone is interested, this is a good article about Apple M1 architecture:

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