We are working on developing our program for next year, this year we selected our student members from an existing pool of LEGO robotics student members. Do you use an application for robotics? If so, would you be willing to share it?

What age group are you looking for in your classroom? There are quite a few classes available for different levels of learning. If you are looking for something to start children out on, all you have to do is look under the VEX IQ Education and click on the VEX IQ Cirriculum. This is geared towards grades 4 thru 8. If you are looking for something a little more for higher education you can look at solutions on the VEX IQ home page and check out the links for PLTW, Robot C programming with links to Carnagie Mellon and much more.

I was just thinking an application for the team (so students can apply to join the VEX IQ team).

Oh, sorry. I was way off base then. To form a team I think the best way to apply is to visit the REC Foundation at

Thank you Timdreamer, will your team be at Worlds? We will be there with our existing VEX IQ team. Looking forward to it!

Sorry, elfrazier85. I don’t have a team, it’s just me, myself and I. Although I do enjoy tinkering with robotics.:smiley:

elfraizer, looking foward to meet you at the worlds. Is your team middle school or elementary? We are Team 7008A… would love to meet your kids and see your robot. Look for us at the worlds. To find us will be pretty easy… just try to look for a corridor with a bunch of Puerto Rico flags and kids speaking Spanish. Since all 7 teams from Puerto Rico are 70XX they tend to put us together… you can ask any of them for Adianez school and they should point to our pit area.

You can check us at our website (have not updated in a week, our score is a bit higher now)… we redesigned the robot from what it is on the pics. I saw that you have some kind of conveyor on the back, we got a team from Puerto Rico that does something similar to your design.

Kaverman - here is our team website: Looking forward to meeting you and seeing your team in action. We have about an 8 foot tall banner with PSOE Robotics and a large scorpion on it so it should be pretty east to spot too I think!

We will look for the scorpion. My kid loves to see and drive all kinds of robots (unlike the rest of the team), he says it helps him get ideas to apply to their robots.