Appropriate gear ratio for high-hang

I know each robot is different but what would be the appropriate gear ratio for a high hang (with two motors) on a regular robot in your experience? Something not too slow, not too weak. Thank you in advance.

Do you have the meta robot with a double catapult and a four-bar? I bet 25:1 (the motor spins 25 times for the gear pinned to the four-bar to spin once) would be plenty, but I haven’t messed with them, so I can’t tell you very helpfully. Obviously,

But it will make it easier on your motors if you use rubber bands. Here’s a helpful video about how to use them.


Thank you. Our is VEX IQ robot. It’s probably not as heavy as VRC robots.

I know, you don’t high hang in VRC, and so what? It will still

It doesn’t matter how heavy it is; it has enough weight to considerably strain the motors, so you will be able to make the spin faster if you have rubber bands help with the lifting. Your motors are also definitely much weaker than VRC motors.


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