An app that has Robot-C or inteeloteks easy c.

There is no app currently available for intellitek’s easyC. ROBOTC is text-based and can be read by any program. So, you can find a free code editor for your operating system. However, you need to be careful about what editor you use. I downloaded one, and it ended up corrupting the whole file. I haven’t found one that works, but I’ve only tried one :stuck_out_tongue:

A VEX Forum app would be GREAT!

There is already one, tapatalk. It isn’t that good, and I also would like a dedicated one. Anyone have any ideas?

The benefit from making a dedicated vex forum app is highly outweighed by the cost associated with it (time, money). An app takes a lot of time to make and unless somebody is willing to work for free, then this means a lot of money spent. Then you run into the problem of having to develop the app for both Android and iOS, which pretty much doubles the time spent. Unless anyone here is willing to freely donate their time towards the development of such an app, then I would say there isn’t going to be one.

Read this thread for more info where this topic has already been discussed:

Sorry to sound so negative, but there really is not much benefit of making a dedicated vex forum app.

Yeah, it would be nice, but it isn’t needed. I could always open up tapatalk or go onto the website. Anyway, i also don’t think it is going to happen soon.

There’s no point to a dedicated VEX Forum app. There are much better apps to build.

Speaking of which, team BNS is currently working on a new VEX app, the second cross-platform app ever for VEX (the first being Skyrise Scorer, also developed by team BNS :P), so you should expect to see the release of a new cross-platform app soon. For free.

That’s such an interesting discussion on the chat currently.

I used Notepad++ to read my RobotC files with no problem last season, and I was running the 4.0 version.

This is a necromanced thread. It’s been 2 years since Zak asked this question. xD

I’ve started using github to host my code and do version control. The Sgit app works great to view and edit the code, as well as see what collaborators do (if you have any :))

By the way, I’m using the Tapatalk app right now. It takes a bit of getting used to using, and swipe on the phone helps lots, but overall it’s a nice app, and even sends me notifications about threads I’ve commented on.