April 2018 Team Update

It’s Time for VEX Worlds!

The VEX Robotics World Championship is taking place in just a few short weeks from April 25 - May 1 in Louisville, Kentucky! The daily team agendas, hotel booking site, Louisville attraction site, and much more are available to help you plan your visit at VEXworlds.com (http://www.vexworlds.com/) .

Be sure to tune into the VEX Worlds Livestream to be part of the action in Louisville! Host a team viewing party and don’t miss the big game reveal on Saturday, April 28 for VEX Robotics Competition and VEX U and Tuesday, May 1 for VEX IQ Challenge. Stay tuned on all our social media channels for exciting updates throughout the week, as well as links to the livestream!
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Season End Surveys

The REC Foundation is grateful to all the teams that participated this year and we hope to welcome you back in 2018-19.

If you haven’t already, now is your chance to share your feedback with us! At the end of March, we sent out a survey request to your team inviting your input. Please consider completing it today for the program that your team participated in during the 2017-18 season. The surveys take approximately 10 minutes or less to complete. If you’ve already shared your feedback, thank you!
VEX IQ CHALLENGE SURVEY (Free Online Survey Software by SurveyMonkey: Closed Survey)
VEX ROBOTICS COMPETITION SURVEY (Free Online Survey Software by SurveyMonkey: Closed Survey)
VEX U SURVEY (Free Online Survey Software by SurveyMonkey: Closed Survey)
Robot Events

Guinness World Records Science & Stuff

Discover the science behind Guinness World Records! Check out cool robot facts and awesome inventions. Plus, 10 record-breaking experiments you can try at home. Explore the links below to get your copy of this new book or download five new record-breaking science experiments that you can try at home!
SCIENCE & STUFF BOOK (http://bit.ly/GWR-ScienceNewsletter)
EXPERIMENTS (http://bit.ly/GWR-SSExperimentsNewsletter)

Sponsor Spotlight - Northrop Grumman Foundation**

Providing unique education experiences related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for students and teachers is the Northrop Grumman Foundation’s top priority.

The Foundation supports diverse and sustainable national-level programs that enhance the education experience for students and provide teachers with the training and tools they need to be successful in the classroom.
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