April fools pranks!!!

Who’s doing pranks? I’d love to hear them! I’m gonna prank my parents tomorrow! I already set up a prank, so here it is:

  1. I went on our family Mac and set the windows up as they normally are.
  2. I took a screenshot.
  3. I opened up the screenshot via iPhoto.
  4. I put the screenshot in full-screen.
  5. I positioned the cursor somewhere in the middle of the screen.
  6. I turned the mouse and keyboard off!

Great idea, huh?

I believe that’s called a “Windows Emulator”. :wink:

Yeah… And then I swapped some keys on the keyboard! XD My mom was like “What’s going on here?”

Haha! I actually did the same thing this morning! XD

Haha! Yeah but my parents knew… Plus I switched up the keys, and every time they asked me to fix it, I messed it up more! XD

All I can say is…AWESOME!!