APs as Autonomous Score?

Back when APs were first announced in StarStruck, I hoped that they would serve like SPs: you get the number of points that your alliance scored in Auton as your AP score. I believe that this is more representative of your autonomous, as opposed to merely wins. What is your opinion?

That would mean refs would have to score the field twice per match rather than once. It would take ages just to get through a match if that happened.

While I see your point about accurate representation, it simply isn’t practical.

Didn’t refs do this at worlds? I mean, after most autos, the field looked nothing like it did to start with.

EDIT: By “this”, I mean score the match after auto.

At Worlds, the refs also knew how to do it quickly and correctly. I can think of at least a few tournaments where it would not be executed well at all.

Also, I doubt the refs at Worlds did a full score count; for the most part they probably just cancelled out points on one side with points on the other.

And there would be added lag time for putting scores into Tournament Manager, which will probably be a dreadful experience this season anyway.

i mean this would work better for in the zone, cuz u cant descore

At most competitions where it would be poorly executed (at least in Arizona, Tuscon comes to mind), I imagine that most of the time not much would happen in auto.

This would have been a false number for starstruck anyways as both sides technically had points for doing… nothing.

Technically you could desccore your own cones, you just can’t descore your opponents’

My bigger concern is that i would like the match by match AP’s reported individually. When i pull data from Robot Events or VexDB, all i was able to tell was how many autonomous segments a team won at an event, not which specific ones. This would be valuable data to me.

I’d just like to see APs be divided evenly if there is a tie. 2 for blue 2 for red instead of treating it like loss. they do this for WPs

I agree. I wish if there was a tie, they would split points instead of it being treated like a loss. Although I wish it wasn’t this way, I understand why they don’t do it this way. I am guessing it has something to do with the fact that they don’t want to reward all four teams if none of them move and get any points.

I hadn’t thought about that.